10 November 2009

Excess Cost Car Rental Insurance


Most companies require you to pay a huge excess fees, sometimes as much as £ 500 if there is a problem with your vehicle and you need to make a claim.
Excess of this amount depending on the type of insurance you have, such as third party fire and theft or comprehensive insurance policy. It is also influenced by who is driving (ie how long they had been driving and if they are ever to make a claim before) and what kind of car was driven.

Young drivers often have to pay the excess amount large enough liability because of their inexperience. If the excess is £ 500 then you will have to pay the first £ 500 of any claim you make.
However, we do not want our customers to get saddled with a huge bill, especially if they've just taken to the streets, and become our new insurance option allows you to avoid ever have to pay the excess.


Nice info about rental insurance.. thank's

I agree with you and yes the insurance policy amount is affected by several number of factors. Insurance provider considers so many factors when estimating the policy rate and no two person can have the same policy as their needs and choices will be different.
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