25 September 2009

Anticipate the current surge forth for Lebaran


Director General of Land Transportation Alimoeso Suroyo Department of Transportation said, his side is ready to anticipate a jump in the number of travelers expected to start going on since Thursday (17 / 9) or H-3.

"We are ready to anticipate the current surge forth for Lebaran this time," said Suroyo told reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday (16 / 9).

Suroyo said it had prepared them better anticipate the availability of public transport or the capacity and physical readiness of drivers and transport them to carry travelers.

Based on national monitoring of observation posts on the main path, though it seemed there was an increase in the flow forth like-Bakauheni Merak, Banten, Sheet-Padangbay, and Ketapang-Gilimanuk, it has not found a jump in a significant number of travelers. So, too, he said, for the monitoring of railway transportation in Senen and Gambir Station, Jakarta.

"On the Bus Terminal Pulo Gadung and Kampung Rambutan bus number that there is more than the number of passengers. There's even a bus that had hung for two days without any passengers," said Suroyo.

Transportation Department data show, in 2008 the peak forth average occurs in H-3. For road transport occurs in H-3 with the amount of 852,168 travelers, ASDP (322,689), railway transportation in H +2 with 183,235 travelers. Meanwhile, sea transport for going home peak flow occurs in H-2 with 72,307 travelers, and air transport occurs in H-4 with the number of 63,312 travelers.

Meanwhile, for the year 2009, the Department of Transportation for road transport predicted peak flow forth will take place at H-3 with 880,289 travelers, ASDP at H-3 with 346,568 travelers, railway transportation in the H-4 with 193,130 travelers, sea transport in H - 5 with 79,538 travelers and air transport in the H-3 with 118,809 travelers.

Suroyo continued, the government was ready if the Lebaran holiday falls on a Sunday (20 / 9).

According to him, monitoring stations are preparing for the anticipated 24 hours in case of the holiday schedule changes.

"When the holiday was on Sunday, then Thursday (17 / 9) is the peak flow forth in the direction of Sumatra or Java first. The second peak is probably due Friday a national holiday falls on that day. In general, nothing has changed if it is promoted Lebaran . The monitoring team we are ready to go to the field if it happens such conditions, "said Suroyo.