15 September 2009

Sharia Ensurance Culture


The basic concept of Islamic insurance is helping in the goodness and piety (taqwa wat al Birri).

The Word of God in the letter of al-Baqarah 188, 'And do not you take the treasure of you with a false path, and you do not take matters to the judge's property with the intention that you want to eat some property of others by way of sin, but you know . "hadith of the Prophet Muhammad," The believer to another believer like a building to strengthen each other, "and" People who believe in love and affection they like one body. If one member of the body suffers pain, then the whole body feel it. conventional insurance, insurance is the transfer of risk is the risk transfer from participants / insured to the company / person so happen that the transfer of fund transfer from the insured to the insurer. As a consequence it had to move funds ownership, fund participants belong to an insurance company.

Some differences Islamic insurance with conventional insurance, among them are as follows:

Akad (Agreement)

Every business transaction agreement between the parties that it should be clear in law or non-legal way to facilitate the business activities of current and future.Akad the conventional insurance based on the covenant tadabuli or purchase agreement. Conditions of validity of a sale and purchase agreement based on the seller, buyer, price, and the goods traded. Meanwhile, in the agreements adopted in conventional insurance are eligible only the seller, the buyer and the goods traded. As for the price can not be explained in terms of quantity, how much premium to be paid by participating insurance separately to get some insurance money.

Gharar (unclear)

Definition gharar according Syafii Madzhab is nothing hidden that result in our view and because we fear most. In Islamic insurance akad akad tadabuli replaced by takafuli, which is a mutual desire to help fellow participants if there are destined get conventional insurance akad musibah.Pada participant funds into an insurance company (transfer of funds).

Tabarru and Savings

Tabarru derived from yatabarra-tabarraa-tabarrawan, which means donations or charity. Set aside property for the purpose of helping people affected by disasters is highly recommended in Islam, and will get a huge response in the presence of God, as portrayed in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, "He who meet the intent brother God will fulfill his business." (Bukhari Muslim and Abu Daud).


In the case of usury, all conventional insurance invest funds with interest, which means always involved in usury. This is also done so when calculating the participants, conducted by calculating the profit on the front.

Scorched Fund

Injustice that occurs in conventional insurance as a participant for a particular reason had to withdraw before the reversing period. While he has several times had to pay a premium or premiums paid some money. Because of these conditions then the funds paid into the mechanism of sharia hangus.Asuransi knows no funds burnt, because the cash value has been implemented since the early participants in the insurance. For new participants in because one thing after another withdrew the funding / premium previously entered can be taken back except a small portion of funds dniatkan as tabarru funds (funds virtue)

Shariah Supervisory Board

In Islamic insurance operations throughout the activity controlled by the Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) which is part of the National Islamic Council (DSN), both in terms of company operations, investment and human resources. DPS position in the company oraganisasi structure equivalent to the board of commissioners.

These are some things that distinguishes Islamic insurance with conventional insurance. When viewed from the side of the difference, both from the economic side, kemanuasiaan or syariahnya, the system of Islamic insurance is the best of all the existing insurance system.