31 August 2009

Type and Type of Insurance


Basically for motor vehicles there are two types of vehicle insurance is generally used is Total Lost and All Risk. But better to choose which type of insurance suitable for your vehicle then you should understand the types of vehicle insurance that best suits both economically and functionally.

* Total Lost Only (TLO): This means your insurance claim will be granted if the damage has occurred in the total motor vehicles that can not be recovered or exceeded 70% - in this case as if your vehicle stolen or destroyed can not be repaired until as a result of an accident . When you buy new or used car on credit then you've got a car insurance total vehicle leasing Lost from the body you use.

* All Risk: are all risk insurance insurance vehicle insurance will cover all kinds of damage to both major motor vehicle until the damage minor. Users pay insurance claims stayed for a replacement even though the damage to the vehicle only minor damage. But to get a vehicle warranty insurance policy with All types of risk usually be charged higher than the total lost insurance - the cost was charged 3 or 4 permil / year.

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Wow. Thanks for explaining about the general types of vehicle insurance. Now I got the idea after reading this post that all risk insurance will suits to me better. All though the price is higher but it has more benefits and coverage option as compared to total lost type policy.
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