18 July 2009

Sharia insurance in london


Islamic insurance company in London menggebrak products based Sharia car insurance. Enthusiastic community directly held. "Many are interested in starting," said Pimblett Kaye, manager of motor vehicle insurance.

During the first seven days, Salam Halal - the name for the insurance service - has said more than 37 thousand comments and questions kostumernya candidates. Salam Halal insurance policies have been launched new vehicles through the site and authorized Moneysupermarket.com own.

New products based on the principle of Takaful, who ask all participants to share insurance risks are balanced. Instead of a premium payment, the people who make arrangements with the insurance Salam Halal pay contributions through angket, and the money saved to invest in Sharia-based.

Funds from central angket that is used to pay claims that arise at any time and at the end of the year when the center of the excess funds, a surplus will be distributed back to policyholders through a discount for payment following the contribution.

However, if the claim exceeds the contribution payments, the shareholders will pay the excess claims and get money back from the reciprocal benefits.

This new product has received warm welcome from the British Muslim who has been waiting for insurance products in accordance with their confidence.

"Salam Halal Car Insurance for me to have a competitive price but the most important, this is in line with our confidence, something which was never there," said Hassan Ahmed, a client

The first Sharia-based insurance in the UK are in fact launched in July and to offer the policy for Muslims, but products for the car insurance service has just opened this year, and the company is also planning to open the home service insurance products shortly.

Ethical use of Halal products are also enthralling non-Muslim. "The principle is to create a unique usung us," said Bradley Brandon-Cross, the executive leadership of Halal Insurance, as quoted by The Independent.

"Having a very transparent process and the opportunity to benefit again, this is very interesting customers, both Muslim and non-Muslim," he said

Emile Abu-shakra, spokesperson from Lloyds Banking said, if the attractiveness of the product into the popularity of the Islamic Financial services.

"Although the Islamic financial market in the UK can be spelled out, but this is still a baby can be big business," said Abu-shakra owner of the Bank which is the initiative of Islamic Finance in the UK.

"We offer services in the Islamic currency, business accounts, funding for home loans and investment credit," the woman supplement. "We started this with only five branches in 2005 but quickly grow into our bank in 2000 next year," said Abu-shakra.

In recent years, London has menahbiskan himself into one of the central point in the Islamic Finance world. There are four certificates Islamic Bank held in the UK, and still the only one in Europe.

Now there are also conventional banks, amounted to 21 institutions, which offer products, Islamic banking services, the latest list of the Gatehouse is just to receive a certificate and license in April last year.