16 June 2009

avoid an accident while driving


How does the car drive well and safely? Do you think each of you in a vehicle that could endanger your safety even family.users Road is better than it should follow the signs, Traffic signs that you should follow the steps below.

Tips from the Start ahmad al fattah: Pray for the safety of you and your family in the journey .. Hehe .. (So Pzti Bro!)

• When temperatures rise, do not immediately open the hood radiator. Because the radiator when the water pressure high. If force is dangerous because it is opened under high pressure, can squirt to your face. Once cold, open it using a cloth,
lift, so the wind out little by little. Until there is no pressure, we open the new.

• driver should know about car engines, at least find out what is listed on the manual book. For example, the multiplier 5000 km you have to change the oil and so forth.

• Not to put HP in the dashboard, because the fishing action can be criminal.

• When filling the fuel in the fuel pom, make sure valuables are located securely in the vehicle and the vehicle locked.

• When driving at night, lights should turn on front and back since at sunset to sunrise. If your car broke down, make sure other drivers can see you and your vehicle can avoid it. Turn on lights
hazard and immediately out of the way sport. Avoid the stop right after reaching top of the hill or curve.

• If there is damage to the cars that you can not tanggulangi own, contact the family or close friend to help dimintai. Or contact the nearest authorized workshop. Therefore, save phone numbers on the emergency phone you. During
waiting for assistance, Sit quietly in the car, lock the door, do not talk to strangers.

• Always park the vehicle in a crowded area. If parking at the official, parkirlah vehicle near the exit, the entrance or near the security guard. Parking a vehicle with a position that allows you to get out of that place as soon as possible. Always lock the door and hafalkan parking area where vehicles.

I participated in a nice fellow all pray always protected by God in the journey, so congratulations to the goal.