12 May 2009

Tips for comfortable driving


Watch your physical condition.
You need the view and hearing the good and you should be alert and responsive. Do not drive if you just drink alcohol, drink with prescription drugs or free drugs that cause drowsiness feeling, take the medicine that affect the performance and perception. Do not drive when you feel very tired or you are emotionally disturbed, because all this will make you not care in driving.
Increase awareness and the right attitude consciously.
Simple tricks to improve the ability to measure strengths and weaknesses of your own is the ongoing comments, vote-with-hard at the time you drive. This will give you a complete picture of what is going on around you. You may find things that can disrupt your safety. In addition, it will also increase knowledge about the condition of your own, make you more aware dots weak and dangerous, such as lack of concentration or mistakes in anticipating behavior of other drivers-drivers.

Reduce speed
When the speed is too low, you endanger other people and yourself. However, if you have conditions that are less good, such as fog, heavy rain or sun light is flashy, reduce speed. Do not hurry and lost patience.