13 May 2009


○ If a traffic accident
*Move the car to a safe place, turn off the engine and car
*If one is hurt, immediately call an ambulance (telephone number: 119)
*Contact the police and give a report on the accident (telephone number: 110)
*name, address, telephone number, and your car number plate
*If there are witnesses, and record the name of the place that people can be contacted. *Contact the insurance

○? Jibaiseki hoken?
This insurance is a change-loss insurance is compulsory car owned by the owner of each vehicle. This has been defined in the law.

○? Nin-i hoken?
This insurance is insurance that car owners the option to set the maximum number of cases in each. If the number of change-loss through a maximum claim limit, the car owners have to pay money.

○ Sharing assist in case of disaster accident
There are some places that make up the system public assistance agencies (depending on the policy area). Money is the intention of 600 yen / person for a year.
Each member of the public can join the institute on the awareness of each.

※ Note 1 The state of the registration, the registration procedure, the type of service and the name is different in every area.
To ask the city government office and consult with the translators who can communicate in Japanese language well.
※ Note 2 The above is based on data up to July 2002. Please note due to possible system changes occur.


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This situation is really difficult to handle and mostly people do make mistakes in such kind of scenario. I suggest to better calm down and carefully plan all the things to avoid any difficulties. Thanks to you for providing this useful assistance about how to handle this situation.
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