03 April 2009

Getting Insurance Quotes


Be prepared before you call for insurance quotes.
Know what questions to ask, and be ready to
answer questions the agent may ask you. The
agent will talk with you about insurance options
to determine the best coverage.
When getting insurance quotes, ask the insurance
agent the following questions:

1. How much will my premium be (how
much will it cost?) Be clear on what types
of coverage this includes. Is this the coverage
you want? Can you afford it?

2. What is the policy period (does the
premium cover 6 months? 1 year?)

3. Do I have to make a down payment?
How much?

4. What is my monthly payment? Is there
an additional charge if I spread out my

5.When would my payments be due?

6. Am I eligible for any insurance discounts?
(For example, you may be eligible for discounts
if you have completed a safe driver training
course or have another car insured by the same

In order for the agent to quote you a price, they
will need to ask you some questions, too. Be
prepared to answer questions about your car, your
insurance history, where you live, how you will
use your car, and who will drive it.
Use the worksheets on the following pages to
help you prepare for getting insurance quotes.

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I didn't asked anything like the questions that you have posted above from my agent as I am buying it for the very first time and is not having enough knowledge about it. After knowing all these I will query each and every thing to know the policy better. Thanks
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