18 March 2009



Esurance feels that preparedness comes from continual
testing. Each quarter, the company picks an emergency
situation and assigns it to a randomly selected offi ce to
refi ne its corporate disaster recovery process. Through
the Emergency Notifi cation module, notifi cations are sent
to let employees know the details for disaster drills. Once
the notifi cation is received, Esurance works through the
specifi c disaster recovery plan that relates to the nature of
the drill.
In order to increase its ability to respond to disaster drills
and real-life emergencies, in December 2007, Esurance
deployed the service’s newest module, the Incident
Collaboration Center (ICC). By combining Emergency
Notifi cation with the ICC, Esurance can securely share
information over the web, track status with real-time
incident logs, assign tasks and interactively track progress,
and maintain clear communication. By utilizing a centralized
web-based portal for crisis notifi cation and collaboration,
Esurance can keep core workfl ow functioning through
disasters. In addition, since the ICC is a web-based
application, it does not require end-user training. When the
ICC is activated, Esurance’s management team and agents
can get online and immediately begin collaborating.

“Through its crisis notifi cation and collaboration features,
the ICC represents a new kind of solution that enables our
recovery team to react quickly to a disaster, and get back
to business as usual,” said Chris Henn, the chief operating
officer at Esurance.