15 March 2009

Loss of or damage to your car


If your car is lost, stolen or damaged, we may:

1. pay for your car to be repaired;
2. replace your car; or
3. pay you a cash amount equal to the loss
or damage.

When we settle claims, we may take off
an amount for wear, tear and loss of value.
The same cover also applies to your car’s
accessories and spare parts while they are in
or on your car or in your private garage. We will
also pay for loss of, or damage to, your car’s
audio equipment or satellite navigation system
(up to £500, unless it was fitted by
the manufacturer). The equipment will also
be covered while it is away from your car
or private garage if it:

1. has been designed to be totally or
partially removed;
2. cannot work without being attached to
your car; and
3. has been temporarily removed for
security reasons.

The most we will pay will be the market value
of your car at the time of the loss.
If you cannot drive your car as a result of
damage insured under this policy, we will pay
the reasonable costs of:

1. protecting your car and removing it to the
nearest Norwich Union Direct approved
repairers; and
2. delivering your car back to your address in
the British Isles after the repairs have been
carried out.
If we know that you are still paying for your car
under a hire purchase or leasing agreement, we
will pay any claim to the owner described in
that agreement. Our liability under this policy
will then end.

Accident recovery

If your car is not safe to drive after an accident,
phone us and we will arrange for someone to
come out and help you.

If your car cannot be made roadworthy within a
reasonable time, we will take it to a Norwich
Union Direct approved repairer and we will
arrange to transport you and your passengers
home or to your destination within the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
We can take your car to a repairer of your
choice if this is nearer, but this may lead to
delays in arranging for repairs to your car.

Our employees and contractors will use
reasonable care and skill when providing the
accident recovery service. However, they can
cancel services or refuse to provide them if, in
their opinion, your demands are excessive,
unreasonable or not practical.

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