19 March 2009



In the event of a crisis, the safety of all Esurance associates
is of the utmost importance, which is why the company
prioritizes immediate and timely associate communication.
Esurance also strives to maintain business operations to
meet its customers’ needs. Esurance knew it needed to
adopt a crisis notifi cation and collaboration solution that
would enable the company to be in constant contact with its
associates, regardless of what happened to the organization’s
communications infrastructure. After evaluating multiple
solutions and reviewing its options, Esurance chose Dell’s
Crisis Management & Alerting services.

Now, when an emergency happens, Esurance uses the
Crisis Management & Alerting services to send email and
two-way SMS messages, as well as make voice calls to
locate its employees. By using a two-way crisis notifi cation
and collaboration solution, Esurance can contact the
impacted employees, gather status and implement a plan to
help make sure that any and all customer inquiries are dealt
with immediately. Notifi cations can be sent to all staff or any
of the sub-groups that Esurance has established. Having a
tool to send out offi ce specifi c or company-wide alerts was
an important feature for Esurance, since it has nationwide
agents that will be impacted even by local events.

“It is easy for any of our administrators to send out an
alert from anywhere to any offi ce,” said Tottie Moncada,
disaster recovery engineer for Esurance. “Recently, we
had a blizzard that impacted our Madison offi ce. Rather
than sending out a corporate email which wouldn’t have
reached many employees or routing our associates through
a time-consuming call tree, we sent a notifi cation to make
sure our employees were safe and gave them instructions
on how to proceed.”