17 March 2009

Car Insurance Rates - 5 Top Tips To Help You Save


Car insurance rates are at an all time high, and complaints are being reported nationwide. People who own cheaper cars, or cars with low payments,
complain that the cost to insure their car is more than their car payments. This is understandable, as the average policy is several hundred dollars a
year! There are several factors that can affect ones rate, such as driving record and age. If insurance companies base their rates on these factors, are
consumers able to manipulate them and take prices into their own hands? Fortunately there are many small changes you can make that can have a
large impact on your car insurance rate.
Depending on your background or location, some tips may not apply to you.

1. Keep Your Driving Record Squeaky Clean.
This can have a very large impact as to whether your insurance rates are sky high, or competitively low. Most insurance companies look at the last 2
years of your record. They look at accidents, speeding tickets, moving violations, DUI's, etc. Keep your record clean and you’re sure to keep your
premiums low.

2. Maintain a Good Credit Rating.
Mortgage companies and credit unions aren't the only companies looking at your credit history. Car insurance companies pay close attention to your
credit rating. They use this rating to determine your risk level. People who pay their mortgage payments and credit cards on time are less likely to get
into an accident. It's all in the statistics!

3. Choose Your Car Wisely.
Car insurance companies don't like Lamborghini's and Ferraris. And they prove it by raising the rate on their owners. Any car that is considered sporty,
luxury, or any general high octane vehicle will get their premiums raised. As fun as these cars can be, they can really hurt your wallet in the insurance
department. The size of an engine is not the only thing your insurance company looks at. They look at safety features, age of the car, and the general
overall value. If you drive an unsafe car, you’re going to feel it in your rates.

4. Use Multi Car, or Home Policies.
Many companies will offer a great discount when you provide coverage to all of your cars, and even your home. Check with your agent to see what
kind of discounts and packages they offer in this department. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of dollars you can save in the long run.

5. Shop Around!
Not all companies are created equally. Each and every company uses its own algorithm and calculations to determine your overall risk level and price
point. Many companies offer free online quotes that make it easy to compare each company side by side. Take advantage of this technology, you may
find yourself saving hundreds of dollars yearly with the right company!

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All the five tips that you have posted above are the nicest of all I have read till this date. I have used them when I bought a car insurance policy last year and they helped me in saving a handsome amount. I suggest everyone to must follow them. Thanks for posting.
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