09 February 2017

Car Insurance Basics

Buying a car insurance policy is like making a contract between you and an insurance company. You promise to pay a certain amount of money on a regular basis. They promise to pay for specific car-related expenses as long as the policy is in effect. Before we get into more detail, let’s define some basic car insurance terms.

The premium is how much you will be charged for each type of coverage you choose – basically, how much this whole thing is going to cost you. Looking at premiums can help you compare insurance offers and identify possible savings opportunities. Most insurers will give you options for paying your premium, such as paying all upfront or making a down payment (often 2 months worth) and then paying the rest in monthly installments.

Your insurance coverage is only in effect during the period specified in your policy. Typically, auto policies are in effect for six months or one-year terms. When you are shopping for insurance, be sure you know the policy period.

A deductible is the amount of money that you pay BEFORE the insurance money kicks in. Let’s say you back your car into a tree. Your insurance has a $250 deductible (which is low). If the repair bill is less than $250, you pay for the whole thing. But if the repair bill is over $250, then you pay $250 and the insurance company pays the rest. (This depends on your coverage.) If a lower deductible means that you have to pay less money out of your pocket, why not have the lowest deductible possible? The answer is money. With a lower deductible, the insurance company is at greater risk of paying for repairs, so they will charge you MORE for the policy.

Exclusions are all things NOT covered by your policy. These are important to know before you are involved in an accident.

A claim is a request you make to your insurance company asking them to pay for a loss due to an accident or for other damage (such as theft.)

08 January 2010

About Esurance

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23 November 2009


Motor insurance or car insurance available in all countries and is mandatory for anyone who drives a vehicle on public roads. Insurance rates vary and so do policies. Car insurance used to protect your car and yourself for any damages caused by accidents, theft and natural disasters. If someone is driving without a valid car insurance, can become dangerous because they will be responsible for repairing the car, which could explain the large bills. On the other hand if you have insurance, automobile insurance companies will give you complete coverage.

Today is very easy to get car insurance there are so many insurance companies that provide various types of car covers. The best way to find car insurance company that's right for yourself is to first find out about all the traders in the market, compare their rates and also look at various types of cover they provide a car. In this way you will be able to find the most competitive prices and maximum insurance cover.

When driving a car on public roads, is obliged to have a valid driver? S license. If the driver? S license has expired, you must get updated. In the case at the time of the accident, you do not have the permission of the insurance company will not cover the accident. In addition, it is considered illegal, it would be better to refrain from this practice. A driver? S license can be obtained at the age of 18 years in most countries.

See how much you can afford for basic automobile insurance and is based on making wise decisions about additional covers that can be added on later. Or, is not required to get additional blankets as soon as you buy a car, you can get it in the future as well. Sometimes, car insurance in various cities in the same area may also vary depending on the number of deaths that occurred in the area.

There are so many companies in the market that provides you with car insurance and sometimes it is a difficult task to choose one particular company. One method that is easier to choose a company is to take recommendations from the previous user, or go with a company authorized by the dealer you buy a car from.

Therefore, before buying a car, think about whether you will behave like a responsible driver or not. As the car is a luxury item and make our lives very comfortable; it should be maintained carefully, and additional law must be respected. So your insurance up to date to protect your loved ones and most importantly yourself. When you travel you must not violate the traffic rules you remember the family waiting at home.
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11 November 2009

Why Sharia Insurance?

Shariah insurance definition according to the National Islamic Council is an attempt to protect each other and helping among a number of people through investment in assets and or tabarru 'which gives the pattern of returns to face the risk / specific hazards through the covenant in accordance with sharia.

Islamic Insurance is a system where the participants / members / participants donate / granting part or all of the contributions that will be used to pay the claim, if the case of natural disasters experienced by some participants / members / participants. The role here was limited to companies managing the insurance operations and investments of dana-dana/kontribusi received / delegated to the company.

Shariah insurance referred to as a means insurance ta'awun please help or mutual help. Therefore we can say that insurance is essentially ta'awun basic principles of the Shari'a are mutually tolerant of fellow human beings to build togetherness in disaster relief experienced by the participants. This principle is in accordance with the Word of God in surah Al Maidah paragraph 2, which means:

"And helping each other in goodness and faith and not helping each other in sin and transgression"

Why Sharia Insurance?

Insurance which has been used by the majority community (non-Islamic) insurance is not known by the predecessors of fiqh among the scholars, for not including a transaction known by the Islamic fiqh, nor from among the friends who discuss the ruling.

Differences of opinion about the insurance due to differences in their knowledge and ijtihad. The reason, among others:

1. In the insurance transaction is jahalah (ignorance) and ghoror (uncertainty), which is not known who will get the profit or loss on the termination of the insurance period.

2. Inside were syubhat riba or usury. This will more clearly in the life insurance, where a person who provides insurance policies to pay a small amount of funds / premiums in the hope of getting more money will be the future, but he might not get it. So in essence this transaction is the exchange of money, and with the addition of the money paid, then this is clearly an element of usury, riba good nasi'ah Fadl and usury.

3. These transactions can lead both parties to the hostilities and disputes when the catastrophe. Where each party trying to transfer the losses to other parties. The dispute could lead to court.

4. Insurance is the kind of gambling, because one party to pay a small fortune to get more wealth by chance or without effort work. In the event of an accident he was entitled to get all the promised treasure, but if not then he will not get any.

Seeing all four of the above, it can be said that the transaction in the insurance as we know, not in accordance with the transaction, known in Islamic jurisprudence. Insurance ta'awunnya Shari'ah principles, can be accepted by the community and developing quite rapidly in recent years.

Islamic insurance in the agreement at the beginning of a clear and transparent with the appropriate aqad sharia, which funds and insurance premiums collected (collectively, the funds tabarru ') will be professionally managed by insurance companies through investment in Sharia-based syar'i with sharia principles .

And in the end all these managed funds (funds tabarru ') will be used to deal with and anticipate the occurrence of accident / disaster / claims that occurred between the participants of insurance. Through Shariah insurance, we prepare ourselves financially while maintaining the principles of transactions in accordance with Islamic fiqh. So there is no doubt for insurance Shari'ah.

(Source: ReInfokus Magazine April 2006)

10 November 2009

Excess Cost Car Rental Insurance

Most companies require you to pay a huge excess fees, sometimes as much as £ 500 if there is a problem with your vehicle and you need to make a claim.
Excess of this amount depending on the type of insurance you have, such as third party fire and theft or comprehensive insurance policy. It is also influenced by who is driving (ie how long they had been driving and if they are ever to make a claim before) and what kind of car was driven.

Young drivers often have to pay the excess amount large enough liability because of their inexperience. If the excess is £ 500 then you will have to pay the first £ 500 of any claim you make.
However, we do not want our customers to get saddled with a huge bill, especially if they've just taken to the streets, and become our new insurance option allows you to avoid ever have to pay the excess.

10 October 2009

Car Hire Excess Insurance

This saves customers get more than they bargained for and gives them complete peace of mind. This is especially good for new drivers who had just graduated driving tests and anyone who does not feel one hundred percent sure at the wheel. So, why not take the weight of your mind and sign up today?
Only a small fee before you can buy Optional Excess Insurance. This appears as an optional extra when you book online.

Our insurance options are unique evidence of preoccupation with customer service and allows customers to have as many options as possible. This is also part of the commitment to safety and welfare of all clients when they try to save as much money as possible.

25 September 2009

Anticipate the current surge forth for Lebaran

Director General of Land Transportation Alimoeso Suroyo Department of Transportation said, his side is ready to anticipate a jump in the number of travelers expected to start going on since Thursday (17 / 9) or H-3.

"We are ready to anticipate the current surge forth for Lebaran this time," said Suroyo told reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday (16 / 9).

Suroyo said it had prepared them better anticipate the availability of public transport or the capacity and physical readiness of drivers and transport them to carry travelers.

Based on national monitoring of observation posts on the main path, though it seemed there was an increase in the flow forth like-Bakauheni Merak, Banten, Sheet-Padangbay, and Ketapang-Gilimanuk, it has not found a jump in a significant number of travelers. So, too, he said, for the monitoring of railway transportation in Senen and Gambir Station, Jakarta.

"On the Bus Terminal Pulo Gadung and Kampung Rambutan bus number that there is more than the number of passengers. There's even a bus that had hung for two days without any passengers," said Suroyo.

Transportation Department data show, in 2008 the peak forth average occurs in H-3. For road transport occurs in H-3 with the amount of 852,168 travelers, ASDP (322,689), railway transportation in H +2 with 183,235 travelers. Meanwhile, sea transport for going home peak flow occurs in H-2 with 72,307 travelers, and air transport occurs in H-4 with the number of 63,312 travelers.

Meanwhile, for the year 2009, the Department of Transportation for road transport predicted peak flow forth will take place at H-3 with 880,289 travelers, ASDP at H-3 with 346,568 travelers, railway transportation in the H-4 with 193,130 travelers, sea transport in H - 5 with 79,538 travelers and air transport in the H-3 with 118,809 travelers.

Suroyo continued, the government was ready if the Lebaran holiday falls on a Sunday (20 / 9).

According to him, monitoring stations are preparing for the anticipated 24 hours in case of the holiday schedule changes.

"When the holiday was on Sunday, then Thursday (17 / 9) is the peak flow forth in the direction of Sumatra or Java first. The second peak is probably due Friday a national holiday falls on that day. In general, nothing has changed if it is promoted Lebaran . The monitoring team we are ready to go to the field if it happens such conditions, "said Suroyo.